Monday, April 7, 2014

Some Spinning of Wheels

Logically-speaking, I should have posted Chapter 19 of my novel Free Souls by now.

But I'm not happy with Chapter 19.  Or Chapter 20.  I don't want them on this blog till I am.

So the other day I posted them for a critique on a writers' forum website.  And boy, are they getting a reaction.  Yes, I've received some general suggestions for improving the presentation.  But most of it has been on subject matter and content.  And misinterpreting the content due to the absence of the chapters immediately preceding.  And going into the responders' personal experiences with the content.


I'm spending more time untangling and responding to the responses than I am rewriting the chapters.

The responses have been helpful in showing me what's not working.  If what I'm saying is being misinterpreted, I have to convey it better.

I'll keep on it.  In the meantime, you might get some more poems.

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