Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Closer, Ever Closer to Publication

I'm actually getting to the point where I can say I'm close to publication.  Here's where I've gotten with my HTML formatting, as seen in the Kindle Previewer:

See those TOC links on the lower left? They all work. (The one on the lower right I hope to eliminate, so I haven't hyperlinked it yet.)

Here's my typical division and chapter head:

And fun with scene breaks. That's a stock HTML symbol, so I don't have to mess around with centering asterisks.

The song and verse quotations are formatted out, too. So I'm close to done with the formatting.

Except . . . well, there's a couple of cool features I'd like to include, and I'm still researching the code on how to do them.
  1. I'd like readers to be able to click the chapter heads, etc., and go back to the Table of Contents. So far I can get it to work only if I lose my formatting and alignment, which I'm not willing to sacrifice. I've got a question about it on the Stack Exchange Ebook forum, but no answers so far.
  2. I want something of a table of contents at the front of the book, but not a long, long, looooonnngggg list of chapter numbers. I want the reader to be able to hover over the "Division" titles in the TOC and it'll expand to reveal all the chapter titles in it. Last night I tried to implement some code from the w3 schools website, but it's so full of formatting bells and whistles (button colors and all) that it's conflicting with my styles and not working for me.
So that's where I am. I think I'll make a list of everything I have to do before I publish. But not in this post.

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